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What to do in different lockout situations

Everyone gets locked out at least once in their life, it seems! Lockouts always seem to happen when we are least prepared for them and when we don’t expect it! You may park your car and run inside a store for “just a second” only to find that you left the keys still dangling from the ignition. You might be absolutely sure that you put your store keys back in your pocket when you went outside to set the business sign to “open” but find to your dismay that they are still inside by the cash register. It happens to all of us so it’s best to know what to do in different lockout situations. Here at Canton Locksmith Pros we work with lockouts on a regular basis so it’s a fair statement to say that we know what to do during a lockout situation.

Remain calm

Getting upset is the worst thing you can do! If you get locked out of home, car, workplace, or business, the best thing you can do is to take a deep breath and calm yourself. A stressed and panicked mind is useless and in many cases, can make matters worse. Panicked people tend to do rash things and over-react; often making the problem worse. A plethora of emotions can run through you during a lockout. Some find fault almost immediately, but placing blame does nothing to help your situation. Some get angry and this is also bad as losing your temper means that you give up control to your emotions. Sheer panic can lead to actions that you regret later. All in all, the best thing is always to get and remain level-headed.

Opportunities for lockouts are everywhere!

Look around; locks and locking mechanisms are universal. Car doors, trunks, glove compartments, bathrooms, office doors, high school lockers, classrooms, home front doors, cabinets, mailboxes, bedrooms, sheds, stores; all have locks that can suddenly trap you on the wrong side! It’s almost a wonder that more people aren’t locked out on a daily basis!

Car lockouts

These are some of the most common forms of lockouts in existence. This is because we spend so much time driving and multi-tasking at the same time. Even the simplest of driving errands involves looking at many things while navigating the road. You must watch pedestrians, road signs, other cars, traffic lights, and you can be distracted by billboards, other passengers, stray animals, cell phones, car radio and more. It’s no wonder that once you finally stop the car, that your mind is hardly thinking of where your keys are! It’s common to leave the keys dangling in the ignition or forgotten inside the trunk. 

Home lockouts

Think back; what were you doing the last time you got locked out at home? You might have gone out to walk the dog and remembered your water bottle and the dog’s leash but not the house keys. You could have trotted outside to bring in the morning newspaper, never thinking that the door might still be locked. You remember this when you hear the door close behind you. You might even be locked out inside your home! Bathroom lockouts are very common and so are accidental bedroom lockouts involving small children or even pets.

Business lockouts

We have thousands of local businesses here in Canton, GA, ranging from roofers and plumbers, to restaurants and hotels. All of these firms use locks and keys and are susceptible to lockouts from staff, customers, owners, vendors and patrons. The situation is further complicated by the 24-hour nature of some of these businesses. Operations like convenience stores, hotels, gas stations and other late night or 24-hour firms make the likelihood of lockouts even greater.

So what are the best lockout strategies?

There is a variety of lock-out remedies that you can resort to if you find yourself without keys and no way back inside. The first one involves spare keys. These spares can be your remedy and also your downfall so use them wisely. Hide your spare(s) in a safe, non-obvious place; one that you’ll remember! If making a spare, use an original key that shows no damage so that the spare is as accurate as possible. Hide it well; you don’t want the wrong persons to gain access to it. Discretion is also important. Don’t tell anyone where it is! Avoid the usual, obvious under the door mat or in the flower pot locations. Don’t hide your key over the door sill, either! Try non-obvious locales like inside a rain gutter or under your BBQ grill lid.

The trust factor

Do you trust any of your neighbors or business associates? Give them a spare key if they are willing. Be choosy though; you don’t want extra problems if they tell others about it and you somehow get robbed! You can also give a key to a family member, co-worker or anyone that doesn’t live or work with you. They must be trustworthy and willing to bring you the key in case of a lockout.

Use a locksmith

Using the right locksmith can be affordable as well as a fast and smart solution to your lockout. Don’t use just any locksmith; many are not licensed or insured much less bonded or even experienced. Be proactive and take the time to pre-select one that meets those qualifications. You are always welcome to use our shop but if you don’t live or work in the area, you’ll need one of your own. Find a technician that offers fast responding, 24-hour emergency service that includes weekends and holidays. Free price quotes are a must and hold them to their estimates. Enter their telephone number into your smart phone and those of your children, too. Look for a shop that is established and that deploys background cleared, fully certified technicians that use mobile service vehicles and the best lock hardware. Don’t take short cuts with your choice of a locksmith! Find the right shop and you can use them for lockouts, routine service and security upgrades!